What are your values?

So, you have your business ‘Vision, Mission and even Strategy’, maybe even a Life Plan and Goals – but you are still not feeling fulfilled or congruent with what you are doing or fully achieving those goals? You are not taking action completely as if something is missing. Your job was great for a while, but now the enjoyment has gone and you feel stuck, your relationship has been unfulfilling for a long time now but you cannot figure out why?  You lack motivation in using your gym membership, the energy has gone from your organisation etc, etc. Could it be that your values are out of alignment or missing – you are not consciously aware of them altogether?

‘Values’ affect what we are doing in all aspects of our lives.  Our values for the best part are subconscious in nature, we don’t tend to explore them but we do get that ‘gut feeling’ when we are not behaving in accordance with them – and our deeper needs and purpose in life.  In short, when we fail to work in alignment with our values our behaviour becomes incongruent in nature  and can leave us feeling unfulfilled. Discovering our values for different aspects in our lives however, can help us to identify our priorities and where to put our effort in a more healthy, effective and efficient way.  To live a more fulfilled life.

What do our values do for us?

As the diagram of Robert Dilt’s Neurological Levels would suggest – Values are extremely important. Values provide our ‘Up Front’ motivation for setting and getting goals, and can turn an ‘away from’ motivated goal (wanting or needing to avoid a situation, having to do something rather than wanting to) into a ‘towards’ motivated action.  Towards motivations are more congruent with our ability to be authentic in life, and are easier to maintain and achieve – because they are usually aligned with our values.  Doing something because we want to and can see the benefits in is key to individual and personal fulfilment.  ‘Away from’ motivated goals may get us motivated, but they are harder to maintain and our motivation for achieving them is more out of necessity than personal choice.

In fact values are recognised as being so important that contemporary leadership models have been developed in light of this fact – The British Army uses a ‘Values Based Leadership’ framework in the development of its current and future leaders whereby the implementation of decisions and actions in Vision, Mission and Strategy are in alignment with the Army core values.  It is, we could say the conscience and moral compass of our behaviours.

So how are you making your life, business and other decisions in your life?  What truly drives you motivates your actions?  Are you living your life in alignment with your values and becoming fulfilled?

How do we Identify our Values?

Our values are learned through life and may evolve over time as we ourselves ‘evolve’, develop and learn.  The services of a good ‘Coach’ or ‘NLP Trained Coach’ within the context of your situation (Executive, Business, Life, Relationships etc) can help you identify your core values from which you can then make better informed decisions and take more congruent and ‘towards motivated’ actions.  This can be the difference between your life on a treadmill, or one in which you live for your own reasons and motivations. Which is it?