Values the key to fulfillment

Values, they are everywhere, in business as well as in life.  They are something that organisations talk of,  and that some follow.  Values are also individual to each of us, formed from our very early beliefs and experiences in life.  Values, according to NLP provide us with key things:

  • The ‘Up Front’ motivation to do something
  • The ‘After the Fact’ evaluation on what we have done

Whether is it buying a car, interaction with others, or how we make decisions – Values play a huge part in what we do.  The problem is that they are for the large part mostly unconscious.  When we feel unfulfilled it is usually because we are not living or behaving in alignment with our values.

The non conscious aspect to what drives our behaviour

Values then could be argued to be our ‘compass’ on how we live our life.  If our daily behaviour is tied into our values then we become fulfilled and happier.  If they are not, then we become unfulfilled and unhappier.  The way we feel is a good measure of how we are meeting our values.

The problem is, they are for most of us, unconscious in nature.  It becomes hard to fulfill them or work towards them if we do not know what they are.  Values are however, context driven.  We have values for life, for relationships, for business, for careers etc.


Values Elicitation – Compass for action

Paul Clare Life Coach works with clients who are seeking to know themselves better, people who want to make the most of their lives and to become more fulfilled.  Using NLP techniques, Paul can help clients to identify their values, the ‘what they need to be more fulfilled’, and to also identify where the setting and achievement of ‘Goals’ can really change lives and overall fulfillment.

Want to know more?

Contact Paul Clare Life Coach to find out more about finding out more about yourself and what makes you tick through a self -awareness program.

Or, if you are interested in knowing your own Values take advantage of a 2 hour Values Elicitation, working on 2 values (usually Life and Work/Business) for £120.