Sugar Types

Why Understanding Insulin is key to your health.

Why Understanding Insulin is key to your health.  One of the key changes to my life in 2017 has been to take care of my diet to improve my health.

I have chosen to be on the Ketogenic Diet now for 8 months.  The benefits I have noticed are huge.  No more IBS, no more Acid Reflux, Mentally clearer, More Energy.  And,  I have lost 7 kg in weight without excessive exercise.   By allowing my body to burn its fat stores naturally.  Not to mention the hidden benefits of burning off the visceral fat that has been surrounding my internal organs etc.

One of the biggest things I have had to learn is about insulin and how a poor diet can take our insulin levels to extremely high levels.  This can be dangerous.  We can become resistant to these high levels, which in turn can put us into the ball park for Diabetes Type 2.  Foods with a ‘High Glycemic Index’ can affect insulin levels, which in turn can affect how we store excess sugars as fat.


In this article, Dr. Mercolla talks in more detail about insulin and how it can be bad for us