Effective Time Management
Time Management – are you getting it right?

Time Management – are you getting it right?

Time Management: We can all do with more time in our lives I am sure you would agree.  However, some of us at times  could be more efficient or effective at managing our time.  Instead we seem to be wasting valuable hours and minutes that we will never get back.  Some of us however, are very good at getting things done.

In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) the saying goes that if someone can do something, anyone can do it (assuming they have the  Time, Energy, Resources and Motivation).  Managing our time effectively seems to be a key attitude and behaviour of those that succeed, than those that do not.  So what can we learn from those that seem to be getting better results.

How can we win the battle with time?

This morning I came across this short video on ‘YouTube’ by Dan Meredith (Coach and owner of ‘Coffee with Dan’).  In this short video, Dan shares his strategy for managing his time to become more effective and efficient in what it is he does.

If you are drowning in tasks that you need to do, should be doing, and definitively ‘have to get done now’ then applying the methods that Dan has kindly shared will help you overcome this difficulty, and hopefully claw back some valuable time.

Managing time more effectively can also have huge benefits in the management of stress in the workplace.  Additionally, a system of prioritization can help you to stay on top of the critical things, and will also allow you to decide what you may be able to delegate to someone else.  It can also help you decide on those things that if they are not done, won’t have too much impact on your immediate outcomes.

A system is better than none, as the saying goes.  I challenge you to ‘give it a go’ and see what happens to your time, energy and focus.

If you never give it a go, you will never know.