KD B – June 2017

I met Paul by chance in the dentist surgery a few weeks ago. I was so nervous and Paul gave me a few distraction techniques to calm my nerves. I have rarely been to the dentist alone before but before I knew it I had walked up the stairs with her and sat in the chair! While my treatment plan is not over, I will repeat the exercises Paul gave me and I know I will be ok! Thank you Paul!


ZG – April 2017

Paul is approachable, non-judgemental and a genuinely nice guy. After just a few sessions with Paul I was able to “get over” difficult past experiences, had more of an insight about myself and my values and had a much more positive and focused mindset. I would strongly recommend Paul as an excellent life coach.


Lucy from Bournemouth –  Feb 2017

Paul is a fantastic coach who has made such a difference to how I approach challenges in my life and how I feel about moving forward with my business. He uses a wide range of techniques in an effective and sensitive way to empower you to realise and reach your potential. Am so happy with the results so far and would not hesitate to recommend Paul Clare for anyone wanting to get more out of work – and life.

Maria from Florida 2016 (Skype Client)

Paul is a very talented coach that is able to guide you to the true reasons you want what you want. (Which most of the time is different from the reason you think you want what you want)

In our sessions (I chose a set of 10)  he not only helped me feel better, he also gave me a lot of tools to use on myself outside of our sessions.

My favourite part  of working with Paul were his guided meditations and hypnosis sessions. You are left in such a serene and peaceful state.

I would highly recommend Paul to anyone seeking therapy and/or coaching.

Marita from Norway 2014

‘I have the power to live the life that I want’

Thank you so much for a truly deep and transformational session, Paul!

This was a profound breakthrough with totally unexpected outcome.  I feel so much lighter now, waking up every morning with calmness and clarity I’ve never had before.  You are brilliant at what you do, thank you!






2 comments for “Testimonials”

  1. My name is Jason and I live in Australia. I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for the last 6 years.
    I served in the Parachute Regiment in the early 90″s with Paul Clare and we have since made contact again through Facebook. Paul went on to tell me he was using the EFT/Meridian Tapping program and I enquired what it was all about.
    Paul then sent me videos to watch and i told him about the issues I had been having, Paul then offered to try to help me. We arranged a live chat over Skype, and, being a very anxious person was quite nervous about it at start. Paul made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed as we spoke about our time together in the Army. From then Paul started asking some questions about my past and what I thought was triggering my panic attacks. I mentioned specific memories I had from Northern Ireland with 2 and a half years spent in Belfast. I was involved in a Mortar attack which was a very frightening experience. As we were chatting, Paul was writing down issues i had mentioned. When I finished telling Paul what I thought was triggering these attacks He told me to relax and start the tapping process.
    Paul spent over 2 hours of his time helping me using Faster EFT. After our Skype chat finished I felt like a new person, so relaxed and happy in myself. I hadn’t felt like this in over 6 years and even my son mentioned the difference in me. I couldn’t stop smiling for a week. Since Paul started the session with me I have been feeling so much better. I would like to thank Paul for his time and help and recommend anyone who is experiencing what I have to please let Paul and Faster Eft try to help, you will not regret it.


  2. Emma, Dorset

    ‘I came to Paul following an emotionally distressing time, which had triggered some longterm issues I had been carrying around for years around confidence and self esteem.  I was feeling confused, trapped and directionless.  I also felt anxious,  as I have tried various counsellors in the past without much success.  Paul put me at ease from the start and quickly enabled me to unpick and organise my thoughts so we could then start working on my emotional blocks that had been holding me back, but also gain clarity on my priorities and values, and to take control of my life. I now have lifelong tools to help me face and overcome challenges in the future.  Thank you Paul, for opening up my world again.’