What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Neuro Linguistic Programming
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What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming? or  (NLP) you may ask?  NLP is  a popular approach to understanding useful psychology.  Essentially understanding and using how we use our brains own language and processes to consistently achieve results.

NLP has its origins from the modelling the behaviour of successful people. By identifying how others think, feel and behave when they are successful, and the mental ‘strategies’ for success.  Attitudes and behaviours that are identified can then be applied by coaches and clients to achieve individual and personal success.

Considered a ‘Soft Skill’ by many, NLP is truly grounded in psychology and works by raising our understanding in three key areas:

  • Neuro – how we use our neurology to make sense of the world by taking in information from our 5 senses.
  • Linguistic – what we do with the information from our 5 senses, how we code our own representation of the world as well as using ‘non-verbal’ forms of communication.
  • Programming – how we use programs, patterns and strategies to create our behaviours.

‘NLP is about how to use the minds own language to consistently achieve desired outcomes’.

Neuro linguistic Programming

Why is NLP widely used?

NLP is described as a ‘Soft Skill’ that can be used in developing individuals.  It can rise awareness of our own behaviour – aiding our own Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  NLP is also used to improve communication, understanding of self and others as well as developing relationships. NLP can be used in business, at work,  in training and communication, at home and in general life.  It can also be used to build resilience in Individuals and Children by giving them useful thought processes to deal with problems and the challenges of change.

NLP can also be used to  help people overcome our negative programs and strategies.  It can challenge our current and ineffective ways of thinking  and to change our ‘mental or thinking lens’, helping us to adopt a more effective and efficient way of thinking, feeling and doing – and ultimately being.

How is NLP Applied?

I am able to coach using NLP tools and techniques.  Additionally I can also teach Clients NLP tools and Techniques so that they can improve their performance in life and in their professional contexts.

I can also use certain NLP tools and Techniques within the Therapeutic setting to help clients to loosen up their model of the world, before facilitating positive changes.

How do People Formally Learn NLP?

People formally learn NLP by a number of routes.  Typically the more comprehensive courses follow this route:

  • Certificate in NLP – an introductory course of 1-2 days
  • NLP Practitioner – a 7 day course that is preceded with audio programs (approx. 14 CDs to be listened to for 3 x each) giving 150 hours of learning.
  • NLP Master Practitioner a 12 day course, again with audio programs giving another 150 hours of learning.

NLP Courses also give people ‘hands on’ experience of the techniques and at Master Practitioner Level ‘Break Through’ Sessions.

Many people also continue their learning formally and informally, and also attend NLP Regional Forums.

How can NLP help me?