Are you looking for a way to change your health and take control?

Fat for Fuel
Ketogenic Diet and a healthier ife

Are you looking for a way to change your heath?  Me also.  I am in my 51st year on this planet and was not overly impressed with what I was eating and how i was feeling.  The emotional roller coaster that comes with food, cravings, energy slumps, mental fog , as well as other things like – migraines, cold sores, colds, IBS, Acid Reflux, were, I thought, just ‘par for the course’ of middle age.  It was time to take control.

I needed to change

So, on Jan 2nd 2017, I decided that I needed to change, to take control.  To make the shift and changes to a healthier life and lifestyle.  Goal?  to get my ‘Health Span’ to match my ‘Life Span’.  Researching on YouTube and Google soon led me to the Ketogenic diet.   The staggering results that the ‘Ketogenic’ way of eating were plain to see.  I needed to know more.

Research – take control of your destiny

So, having listened to several books about the subject, I made the change.  So what?  Well I wanted to share the information I have found useful and to recommend the latest book I have been listening to about the subject of using good ‘Fat for Fuel’.

Dr. Joseph Mercola is a supporter of the ‘Fat for Fuel’ philosophy and science and has written a very useful book on exactly that.  ‘Fat for Fuel’ simply explains, in easily accessible language and terms the benefits to your health from eating healthy fats.  In what Dr. Mercola calls ‘moving from health care – to self care’.  The benefits that Dr. Mercola lists are huge.  Suggesting that this approach is the new way for people to take control of their health and well being – before they get ill.

Book Recommendation

Take Control of your Health
Revolution in ‘Self Care’ to avoid the need for ‘Health Care’

I highly recommend this book and the approach that Dr Mercola is proposing if you want to take control of your health and take better care of yourself.  If you are looking for life changes then I strongly recommend this book as a starting point.