Keto Diet
Ketogenic diet

Ketogenic Diet Update 4 – 80+ days into the diet.

Just a quick update at now over 80 days of Keto lifestyle.  I am now down to 101kg from 107kg without exercising.  The only real changes I have made are diet related – for health benefits.

My life feels a lot better for making a positive life change in the form of the Ketogenic Diet.  It has been 80+ days now, with one or two days “off the track”.  I have tried a few different approaches over the years, but with no real long term effects – I now understand why – CARBS.

I am feeling very much in control of my health at this moment in time. I am no longer on a roller coaster of emotional food cravings, huger and being ‘hangry’ (hungry and angry), as well as constantly mindful of needing food.  Weight loss (fat loss) has not been too high compared to some, but this is more about not eating enough fat rather than a failure of the diet.  Sounds counter intuitive right?  Natural Fat is our friend!

Experimenting with old habits:

I have experimented with old eating styles – cheesecake, a pasty at some point.  When I eat CARBS (sugars) now, I get light headed, or a sense of ‘detachment’, brain fog within 20 minutes.  Carbs leave me feeling ‘unfulfilled’ or satisfied now.  I did also get migraines (3 in one weekend) after this.  My body cannot work so well with them after a lifetime of addiction and abuse.

I do get hungry, but just feel I need to eat, as opposed to feeling that I am about to ‘hit the wall’ in terms of low energy.  Eating now is a process, not a craving, panic or indulgence.  I now eat until satisfied, rather than finishing the plate off if things are left.

Eating Fat!  Are you Mad?

I am not a Keto 100% hardliner (but becoming), but I am eating up to 70% fat – good natural fat (butter, coconut oil, cream ), 20% protein (fatty meat is better) and 10% carbs in the form of vegetables.  Food tastes great these days and the whole eating experience is about being ‘satisfied’.

Natural Healthy Fats
Ketogenic Diet Healthy Fats

Are there Positives?:

I am more energised, more mentally clear in  thinking, as well as more positive (there is a huge relationship between our diet, gut health and mental health).  My IBS has pretty much gone – something my Doctor could not help me with other than prescriptions, even that didn’t work.  My acid reflux has also calmed right down and doesn’t really bother me anymore.

Are there Negatives?:

The only downsides so far have been some cramps in my calf muscles from not drinking enough water, or maintaining suitable levels of salts and minerals.  This is easily remedied however with the addition of ‘Bullion’ drinks as part of my daily routine.  So, not a negative per se, just something I need to be mindful of.

A huge difference to my life, and something that is really making a positive impact on my health and well being.  Onwards!

Ketogenic Success Story from the USA

I am constantly impressed with the results that people are getting, and the difference they make in their lives.  I came across this American lady’s Keto Experience over 1 year – she adopted it to help deal with the effects of a brain injury:

Ketogenic Success Story from USA watch this lady’s story over one year of Ketogenic Lifestyle and the benefits this has brought to her life.