Keto Diet
Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet Update 3

So, I am about 56 days into the Ketogenic Diet, or more appropriately ‘Lifestyle’.

My diet has primarily been trying to reach 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% carbs – but in the form of Veg and other foods.  Not processed carbs and sugars.


I have noticed some real benefits since undertaking this lifestyle change.  I am losing fat – which equates to the unwanted weight on my body.  It is a slow process, but one that only requires a change in diet.  I have not overly been increasing physical exercise or activity at this time.

I no longer have food cravings, and am mentally clear and full of energy – unless I eat carbs.  In short, I am feeling very much as if I am ‘living life’ again, as opposed to ‘experiencing it’.  I feel back in control something that only makes sense having made the changes.  I no longer watch the calories as I don’t need to – my body knows exactly what to do once it has the correct fuel.  Food tastes great again, and I only eat until I am satisfied.


I have recently ‘experimented’ with my old habits – a piece of cheesecake for example.  About 20 minutes afterwards I became ‘detached’, foggy headed, hyper as the sugar coursed through my body again.  It was nothing short of uncomfortable.  I can not believe how I use to feel like this everyday.

This inevitably brings back ‘Keto Flu’ – as my body adjusts from burning sugars, back to burning Ketones.

One thing for sure – I am sticking to this life style change and reaping the benefits.  Soon it is time to up the anti in respect to physical exercise and fitness.  My aim, that my health span matches my lifespan!