HMS Therapy

HMS Therapy is a Therapeutic NLP process.  So, recently I have been adding to my skills and experiences by having and learning a Therapeutic NLP approach called ‘HMS Therapy.  This approach originates from the work of Martin Webster.  Martin is an ex Solider who himself has overcome PTSD. In doing so has chosen that path as a Complimentary Therapist with his company ‘New Leaf Programs‘.  Martin, is based in Truro, Cornwall where he deals with clients with people, also trains people in NLP and HMS Therapy.  Martin is passionate about helping people and really gets to the deep and most challenging aspects of themselves and their past with his tools and techniques.

HMS Therapy – What is it?

HMS Therapy uses NLP techniques, as well as some more energy based principles.   This allows it to really help people to let go of the beliefs and emotional patterns that have arguably become their personality.

HMS Therapy – Why should I consider it?

Where HMS Therapy differs, is that it can be relatively context free.  This means it won’t drag you into your past in a way that is itself potentially re-traumatising.   Good news for a lot of people with complicated pasts.  And for those who are reluctant to seek help through fear of ‘going there again’.  HMS therapy does go there, but not in full on 3D with Technicolor and surround sound.

Whilst I was ‘worked on’ I revisited the death of my mother, and the time my sister was hit by a car.  Both things I have had in the closet from an early age.  Things I have visited before, however HMS Therapy really got down to the roots of how I create the stress responses around those memories.  it deals with the more emotional, as opposed to cognitive levels.  From what I have already experienced myself (with NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, EFT, Matrix RE-Imprinting, FasterEFT) with HMS Therapy I am impressed with the speed and simplicity with which this approach works.

HMS Therapy – How does it work?

HMS Therapy can work on specific memories, or for people with more complicated backgrounds or situations, it can cover the main categories of memories that keep us stressed.  These categories (the way we file and sort our memories) in some psychological models are called ‘Gestalts’.  In example, stuff that we will all probably have to do with Parents (not so obvious but very deep).  Also Relationships, Home Life, Betrayals, Violence, Abuse, Addictions, Traumatic Memories, Career, Performance Blocks etc.  Pretty much all things that can potentially have a negative effects on our day-to-day lives.

HMS Therapy gets you to ‘drop down through’ these experiences and to keep going until you are through the negative layers of emotion.  It then helps you to create a more positive resource about the particular Gestalt you are working on.

HMS Therapy – So What?

If you are suffering from PTSD or some other negative emotional background, and have tried other approaches but have still not got a resolution I would suggest giving the complimentary approaches a go.  HMS Therapy would definitely be on that list for me.  You can contact Martin Webster at his website where you can also find out where other qualified therapists are in the UK.  Alternatively if you would like to know more and are in the Bournemouth area contact Paul Clare Life Coach.