Whether is is fear of the dark, spiders, flying, public speaking , clowns or swimming, we all have fears.  Fears  can be very useful on some level and are there to keep us safe, Irrational Fears however can get in the way of us having a fulfilled life.

A lot of our fears come from what we have learned as a child, most are learned through our developmental period between 0-6 years of age.  This can become a problem for some people as they get older, as our ‘program for fear’ tends to be hardwired into our subconscious.  This hardwired program however can still be from the perception of that child who learned it.

One example of this is when a child naturally explores.  Children are curious and will pick things up, play with them and taste them.  However, when Mum sees a spider and reacts in a distressed manner, especially when the child may be tasting a spider – then the child makes that association, something is not right!  Each time we then see the same reaction in the same situation we validate that idea, so much so, that it becomes a learned behaviour.  It has to be correct after all as Mum is trying to protect me.

Simple fears like a fear of #spiders, #wasps & bees, #snakes (my particular fear), #rodents, #flying, and even public speaking, and Anxiety can really get in the way of life.

It is possible to change our associations to these hard wired programs and to even change our representation of them by using Emotional Freedom Techniques (#EFT).  EFT can help people to release the negative association they have to their unhelpful fears, and to get them to a point where they can gain personal control over them.

If you have a limiting fear that you may want to address, get rid of, or reduce the impact of, then get in touch to see how #EFT can help you gain control of your life again.