EFT and Matrix ReImprinting is a very useful and powerful set of tools with which to help people deal with, manage and overcome their negative Emotional Blocks to living the life they want.  We all have some beliefs for example, that were established early in our life learning that may not be serving us well as adults – fear of clowns, not feeling worthy, negative self talk etc are all examples.  These are typically subconscious in nature.

Karl Dawson, EFT Master and developer of Matrix ReImprinting has taken ‘Matrix’ work forward since I learned it originally 3 or so years ago. His experience and insight has made it more simple to understand and also now concentrates on clients and practitioners learning from the various Emotionally Conscious Holograms (ECHOs), ourselves that we hold in our memories. This allows us to gain amazing insights and learnings as well resolving deep rooted issues that may be holding us back.