Ketogenic Diet

New Year, New Me: Ketogenic Diet

So, a Happy New Year to you all.  I have decided, now that I am 51 years of age, that I want to change my life and health.  After some research and talking to friends, watching blogs on YouTube, I have decided to give the Ketogenic Diet a go.

The Ketogenic diet works (according to Eric C. Westman MD in his audiobook ‘Keto Clarity’) by:

Creating a metabolic state that happens when you consume a low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet that causes your body to switch from using glucose as it’s primary source of fuel to running on ketones

This is a great explanation about Ket  from YouTube blogger ‘PictureFit

Now I appreciate that this stands in the way of common perceptions about diet and health.  But is seems that a lot of what we have been told is now becoming defunct.  The guidelines from the last 50 years, or even longer are not solving the problem of an ill society.

I have spent a lifetime addicted sugar and carbs, but am now at the stage that I feel ill and off colour when I indulge in sugar.  So, time to beat the sugar, change my habits, lose some fat and to gain some clarity, energy and motivation for a healthier way of living.  Ketogenic Diet has significant Health Benefits in terms of mental clarity, lower cholesterol and optimising your body to work more effectively and efficiently.

I shall try to keep you posted should you be interested in following the developments and gains (or not) from this process.

I have been playing with this and Paleo diet for a while, but with little success and gains.  Time to really give this a go, man up and walk my talk as all good Coaches should do.  Not sure how hard this will be, but I want to do this and believe I will.